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JAC Motors launches new fuel-efficient N140 9-tonne truck

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April 26, 2023
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26 April 2023

JAC Motors launches new fuel-efficient JAC N140 9-tonne truck

  • Sixty years of experience in manufacturing affordable, high-quality trucks
  • Reliable powerplant and drivetrain for tough jobs
  • Robust chassis design for various transport applications
  • Comfortable cab and safety features to deliver cargo on time

JAC Motors South Africa has launched the latest addition to its line-up, the JAC N140 9-tonne truck. This new product offering is introduced to accommodate transport operators’ rising demand for dependable, cost-effective trucks. With its Euro 3, Cummins 4.5L ISB engine, the N140, with its excellent fuel consumption and low cost of ownership, is set to become popular in the transport industry.

JAC Motors, a global leader in the truck market, has been manufacturing trucks for almost 60 years, and its experience is evident in the exceptional quality of its products. The company started manufacturing battery-electric trucks in 2014 and introduced its first EV truck derivative locally in 2021.

Over the past decade, JAC Motors has invested in refining its range of trucks, ensuring excellent performance, reliability, safety and a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The new N140 is a testament to this commitment, and transport operators can expect nothing but the best from this latest offering.

The truck range has established itself locally as a reliable and affordable option for transport operators with its three- and six-tonne derivatives. The launch of the N140 9-tonne truck, with its powerful Cummins 4.5L ISB engine, sets a new standard for sustainable, cost-effective transportation.

“A trademark of the truck range is its excellent fuel efficiency across the range. The new N140 continues in that tradition,” says Karl-Heinz Göbel, Chief Executive Officer of JAC Motors South Africa. “Add to that its low cost of ownership, robust chassis design and durable drivetrain, and you have a truck suitable for various modern-day transport applications.”

Reliable powerplant and drivetrain for tough jobs

The N140’s Euro 3, Cummins 4.5L ISB four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine is known for its power and performance, which makes it ideal for heavy-duty applications. It produces 154 kW @ 2 300 rpm and 740 Nm of peak torque between 1 200 – 1 800 rpm, enough to transport large loads over long distances.

This powerplant offers outstanding fuel consumption, an important factor for transport operators. Advanced fuel injection technology delivers more power using less fuel, resulting in lower operating costs. Durability is also essential, and this engine includes wear-resistant components like a cast-iron cylinder block and forged steel crankshaft, making it ideal for long-lasting use, minimising downtime and maintenance costs.

Compliant with Euro 3 regulations, the Cummins 4.5L ISB turbo-diesel engine significantly reduces harmful emissions, providing a greener option for operators looking to minimise their environmental impact while maintaining a high level of performance.

The N140’s powerful engine is paired with a synchromesh six-speed manual transmission and a hydraulic-assisted clutch. The drivetrain setup allows for low engine RPMs at cruising speeds, reducing fuel consumption.

“Cummins and JAC Motors have a 25-year successful relationship. In 2018, the two companies formed a joint venture, resulting in a number of our trucks being fitted with high-quality, clean and fuel-efficient engines with world-class technological and powertrain capabilities,” says Göbel.

Robust chassis design for various transport applications

The N140 benefits from the new heavy-duty ladder-frame chassis stamping and welding treatment process, making it robust for various transport applications. The main advantage of a rugged chassis frame is the ability to support heavy loads under all operating conditions.

The front- and rear semi-elliptical multi-leaf spring suspension provides better stability and less chassis roll in all load states and on any road surface. The maximum use of axle capacities for ideal payload weight distribution ensures enhanced safety and stability. The precise hydraulic-assisted power steering makes it easy to manoeuvre the N140 in heavy inner-city traffic and on restricted construction sites.

The N140 supports a wheelbase of 5 300 mm and offers a payload of 9 000 kg. Its dimensions are 8 890 mm (L) x 2 348 mm (W) x 2 475 mm (H), making it suitable for various body applications.

The N140 features a Dual-circuit Air Brake system, including an Air Dryer, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and a Load Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV) for increased stopping power and driver control to prevent wheel lock-up under emergency braking conditions.

It also features an exhaust brake system for maximum braking efficiency, which offers additional benefits such as improved stability and control, reduced engine-, transmission- and brake wear, increased fuel efficiency, and enhanced driver comfort.

“The N140 offers the built-in flexibility of a chassis-cab design that allows for specific configurations based on unique transportation needs. With its powerful and fuel-efficient engine and robust suspension, it is suitable for various transport applications,” says Göbel.

Comfortable cab and safety features to deliver cargo on time

The N140’s driver-friendly cab, with its innovative flat floor design, provides generous space for the driver, two passengers, and their gear. The ergonomically designed cab offers maximum comfort and convenience for increased productivity. Wider door apertures, footsteps, and safety climbing handles allow for easy entry and exit, which is less tiring for the driver and passengers.

JAC Motors prioritises occupant safety, with various safety features complementing the N140’s clever cab design. The reinforced cab floor increases driver protection, while the double rear-view exterior mirrors improve visibility. LED Daytime Running Lights, height adjustable headlights, a reverse warning buzzer, a seatbelt warning alarm, and a tilt-and-telescoping multi-function steering wheel with radio and cruise control settings enhance the N140’s safety credentials.

The N140 supports a neat, functionally designed truck interior. It features an air-conditioner, electric windows, a 12V Accessory Power Outlet, and a radio with an MP3 player and Bluetooth, including a USB, to contribute to a productive work environment. It features a bunk bed, a lockable toolbox and ample storage space inside the cab. There are many dashboard and door storage compartments, as well as storage underneath and behind the seats, to conveniently stow away documents and valuables.

“The truck range appeals to a broad customer base across various industries. In our experience, customers want affordable, safe, and dependable trucks to run and maintain. Trucks also need to offer comfortable and well-equipped cabins, must be economical and easy to operate,” adds Göbel.

Model line-up and pricing

The N140 9-tonne is available in chassis cab configuration. It offers the company’s two-year/unlimited km manufacturer’s warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance for peace of mind ownership. JAC Motors supports an extensive dealer network across Southern Africa and offers specialised service support and consistent parts supply to ensure minimum downtime.

Göbel concludes, “JAC Motors is committed to providing its customers with high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective products, and the new N140 is no exception. Transport operators can rest assured that they are investing in an outstanding product that is built to last.”

The line-up comprises six derivatives, all featuring ABS and A/C. Prices exclude VAT:

N140 Cummins 4.5L ISB 9-tonne C/C – R607 827

N90 Cummins 3.8L ISB 6-tonne C/C – R499 914

N90 Cummins 3.8L ISB 6-tonne D/S – R517 305

N75 EV 4-tonne C/C – R1 042 609

N56 2.8L TDI 3-tonne C/C – R334 696

N56 2.8L TDI 3-tonne D/S – R347 740

For more information about the rest of the product specifications, warranty, and technical information, visit https://jacmotors.co.za/jac-trucks.


About Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corporation Ltd. (JAC Motors)

JAC Motors may be a relative newcomer to the South African market; however, it has been a giant in the Chinese auto industry for almost 60 years. The company produces passenger cars, pick-ups and trucks for left- and right-hand drive markets. Its marketing network covers over 130 countries worldwide, including 28 African countries.

JAC Motors is a prolific producer of electric vehicles. In 2020 Volkswagen acquired an additional 25 percent stake in its Chinese electric vehicle joint venture with JAC Motors. The original joint venture between Volkswagen and JAC Motors was established in 2017, with each company holding 50 percent equity. This joint venture will become central to the two brands’ electric vehicle programmes in China.

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